Akashic Plumbing

I’m just a matrix-breaking, veil-tearing Midwest Nobody.
Akashic Plumbing is in the business of Divine Surrender which requires a massive amount of de-sudsing sanitized brains and awakening deeply slumbering souls — so as to remind all of their birthright: the Holy Spirit, Christ Consciousness and the Garden in which we desire most definitely to return to.

For where two or three gather together as my followers, I am among them

Matthew 18:20

Check out the Library for free texts. Instructions has bible verse and passages that relate directly to Alchemy with short descriptions that discuss ways to utilize; ways of God hidden from most believers. Workshop is coming soon that will reveal matrix-breaking and veil-tearing tools and technique. The Journals portion is a plethora of personal posts relating to my own journey of working alongside God. Podcast section will link you to Ethereal Alchemy pod and has some pod-alongs or podcast notes attached as well for supplementary information and some imagery that delve further than words can. The Imagery tab has some graphs, photos and posts that I have found personally useful during this journey, the last journey and most likely the next journey.

Anyone with ears to hear should listen and understand!

Matthew 13:9

We are the PROPHETS Now

The Workshop (coming soon) will teach anyone interested the art of alchemy through bio-feedback, a medically proven and science backed field of study, complimented with shamanic soul journey style meditations (recorded for this exact purpose) where one can learn to journey in their mind with their spirit and quite literally reach their own God-created Garden within.